OC Blues FC Hosting 2 Events with The Spirit of Football, The World Cup’s Olympic Torch


OC Blues FC, Corona del Mar High School (CDM) and Next Level Sports Complex  are thrilled to co-host an amazing celebration with the Spirit of Football (SOF).  Please join us to celebrate a once in a lifetime opportunity for first-hand personal involvement in the 2014 Brazil World Cup, in the signing of the ball. Together we will bring a little taste of the 2014 World Cup to Southern California.


SOF is a not–for–profit community interest company dedicated to promoting a very special ball as the “star of the beautiful game” in the run–up to each World Cup. They call it The Ball. The Ball is the equivalence of the Olympic Torch and is the most important element of their initiative that supports the activities that surround it. The 2014 journey began on January 9th, 2014 when “The Ball” started on its way from London to Brazil. After 7,000 miles, 17 school workshops, 14 visits to top European clubs, 1,250 signatures and 30 days on the road, soccer’s Olympic Torch has arrived in the United States en route to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


Superstars of the world game, including players from Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, Genoa CFC, and the FC Barcelona have all signed it. So too have homeless street soccer players and hundreds of socially disadvantaged school children across Europe. Now it is Orange County’s turn to touch and sign the ball before it travels to other cities in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and more nations further south.

The “One Ball, One World” mantra of SOF began during the 2010 World Cup South Africa. The slogan was developed by the Special Olympics Chapter in Nigeria, born out of the fact that this leather, round item can do so many things in our lives and in the community. “The Ball” visited schools where thousands of children kicked, headed and signed it, and learned about the Spirit of Football. In South Africa, they led workshops for children from 50 different schools across Sub–Saharan Africa. Their success, and the enthusiasm that welcomed “The Ball” all along each World Cup journey, developed an education program themed around the phrase “One Ball, One World.” They talk about unity, fair play, respect, and inclusion.

We will invite local communities and school districts, and several youth organizations. The event will consist of the “One Ball, One World” presentation, followed by fair play games that consist of playing soccer, juggling, dancing, face painting and more. The final presentation is the signing of “The Ball.” By the time it reaches Brazil, “The Ball” will have more than 11,000 signatures, and we want your signature on the ball.

We will have media present from around the region for coverage in English and Spanish. There will be many people involved, as the goal of “The Ball” is to bring everyone together as one. No matter where in the world, situation or profession, when you drop a football, everyone plays. Please invite your family, friends and everyone who loves soccer.
Next Level Sports Complex: February 28th 6:30PM-9:30PM
                        12821 Knott St., Garden Grove, CA, 92841

Corona Del Mar High School: March 1st, 9:00AM-12:00PM
                        2101 Eastbluff Dr., Newport Beach, CA, 92660

Here is a small clip for you to enjoy: News Coverage of “The Ball” in Detroit

For further information contact:
Office: (714) 738-8011 X209



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